Book Sale FAQs

For Volunteers

What will volunteers be doing?


ON AND AFTER AUGUST 1, 2020 volunteers will be assigned to fulfillment, which will include filling orders to be picked up by customers. This could include pushing/moving boxes on carts and carrying stacks of books.


Will volunteers be able to shop books while they volunteer?


Since we have finished listing books, it's now the case that anyone wishing to purchase books must wait until the sale (or the Virtual Preview Party!) to purchase books from the website. 


What should I wear/bring to volunteer?


Dress comfortably and wear closed-toed shoes, such as sneakers. Keep in mind that you may break a little sweat. :)

Will there be a t-shirt this year?


Absolutely! It’s not a Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale without our annual t-shirt. Volunteers receive one free shirt, and anyone can purchase a shirt on the website while supplies last. 

Where do I go to volunteer?

Glad you asked! Here's a map:

McAlister Volunteer Location.png

For Shoppers

What is the Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap, [Really Online] Book Sale? 


The Book Sale is the annual fundraising event for Greenville Literacy Association (GLA). The sale begins August 1, 2020 and will run through August 15, 2020. Virtual Preview Party tickets are available now for early access on July 31, 2020. GLA is a nonprofit organization serving Greenville County, SC. We offer educational opportunities to adults to help them succeed. Our programs include GED, English as a Second Language, and College and Career Counseling. To find out more about our work, visit 


Why is the Book Sale online-only this year? 


Great question. We’re so sorry that we aren’t able to offer the in-person experience that everyone loves. However, due to COVID-19 and the concerns/costs surrounding sanitary measures and personal protective equipment, we aren’t able to invite our normal crowds into McAlister Square. We look forward to providing you with the same wonderful experience on our website, and best of all, you’ll get to shop from your couch! 

Can I buy single books or choose one book I want out of a collection?

We REALLY wish we could sell single books online. However, the time and expense of listing books individually would preclude us from having an effective sale and raising funds for GLA, so all books will be sold in collections of 8-10 books. Remember, the average list price of one new book is about $15, and many of our collections will be selling for much less than that. So if you're only interested in one or two books from a collection, go ahead and make the purchase and consider the good you'll be doing for adults in the Upstate who want to build a better life through education. If you wish to donate back the books that you don't want from the collection, we will reopen donations in September and will happily accept those contributions!

When can I pick up the books I’ve purchased?


Once you’ve purchased your books online, you MUST wait one full business day before coming to pick them up (for example, if you purchase on a Saturday, you'd pick up Tuesday. If you purchase on a Tuesday, you'd pick up on Thursday). Our volunteers will need that in-between day to fulfill and pack your order.


If I want to buy a lot of books, can I wait until the end of the sale to pick them up? 

If you’re a “bulk buyer” or just want to purchase a LOT of books one day but won’t pick them up until later, please let us know at We have limited space for fulfillment, so if you’re bulk buying, let us know and we can keep your order in a separate area to allow for smaller orders to be smoothly fulfilled. 


If I have books in my cart, can someone else claim them before I pay?

Only books that have been PURCHASED are claimed. If you've got books in your cart, they will remain available/visible to other shoppers until they are purchased. If you wish to purchase many books at a time, we suggest that you fill your cart and purchase in intervals so as to ensure that you get the books you want. 


Is there going to be a clearance sale?


The answer is - we aren’t sure. As we monitor the progress of the sale, we look forward to making an announcement about whether we will offer clearance books this year. 


Will you ship books?


We are NOT able to ship books. If you cannot pick up (or send someone to pick up) your books in Greenville, SC at McAlister Square, please, don’t purchase! 


How will pickup work?

You may pick up your books Monday-Friday from 11am to 2pm.


Once you’re ready to pick up your order (remember to give us a day between ordering and picking up) you’ll head to McAlister Square at 225 S. Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville, SC. Drive around the right side of the building (the side near the Publix) and look for the book pickup sign (please refer to the volunteer entrance map above for the exact location). If there’s a line, please be patient while we serve other customers. If there isn’t a line, pull right up and we’ll be out to get your name and present you with your purchase! 

Again, if you are a "bulk buyer" or making a large amount of purchases, please give us a shout at so that we can prepare your order properly and ensure the best pickup process. 


Can I purchase a t-shirt or tote bag with my order?


YES! Tote bags and t-shirts will be available on the website for purchase. Funds from these items will benefit the programming of Greenville Literacy Association.